Saturday, July 28, 2012

TRX/Core Training

Every Saturday morning I teach a TRX Bootcamp class. I usually fill the room with 10-12 participants, so I have to go early to get my workout it! Here was my main workout:
20 Kettlebell Swings
15 Kettlebell Single Arm Swings (each side)
15 TRX Squats
15 TRX Rows
15 TRX Chest Press
15 TRX Tricep Press
15 TRX Bicep Curls
Repeat 2x

And here was my Core Portion x2!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I made it to 15 weeks!

me at 12 weeks!
I finally made it to the 2nd trimester! Yay. Now maybe my energy will re-appear! I can't complain too much about my pregancy so far. I haven't been throwing up each morning and the baby seems to be healthy, but what I will complain about for just a minute is my lack of energy! Noon hits and I'm lethargic. I feel like my head could hit the ground while I'm walking. Don't remember too much of this in previous pregnancies? I hope its coming to an end because I really feel lazy and I hate that! My only other complaint...ITS HOT!! I've always been able to keep up with my workouts like normal in my pregancies, but now most of it is done outside and its just too stinking hot to go out there. Maybe that could be contributing to the tiredness too?? huh? I have been managing to still run a couple miles at a time and did a 5K a few weekends ago in under 30 minutes, so I guess I'm still keeping in decent shape. I haven't been facing the scale though. I actually never really owned a scale and have always gone by the way my clothes feel and how I look in the mirror, so I'm going to just keep going with that!
I've been playing a little game with guessing the sex of the baby and quizing friends about their expiences in pregancies and gender. I have been quite certain all along that I'm having another girl just because I have 2 already and I'm just not sure we are capable of making boys! Recently though, I realized my cravings with this baby are very different from my last two, so that got me thinking!? I can't say I have strong cravings. I've never made my husband run out for chinese food at 10pm or anything, but I just remember with both of my girls eating a LOT of fruit and cheese and I had ice cream nightly. This time around I'm really going for anything carbs (cereal, rice, cous cous) and spicy stuff like buffalo sauce on anything and virgin bloody marys with extra olives! I've been eating a lot of homegrown tomatoes from my garden, but don't have much interest in my fruit or other veggies :( I know thats terrible coming from me! So, does that have anything to do with gender? My facebook followers all predicted a boy...every single one of them, but I'm not convinced until I see it for myself!!
My goal next week while beaching it in Florida is to get out there and run/walk each morning, or do a few bike rides. Of course I always travel with my bands for strength and yoga/stretching is a nightly routine. Doing my best in this summer heat to stay in shape! Oh, and my shape...its changing! My belly is showing a lot sooner this time around! That could just be because its number three, or maybe its all those carbs!! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Do's and Don'ts of Exercise During Pregnancy

So you're pregnant?! Congratulations! Now what? Maybe you exercise regularly, maybe you don't, but this is a time when you really want to get in shape and prepare for labor and baby! Here are my do's and don'ts....

·         Exercise during your pregnancy! Research has shown that regular exercise at moderate to somewhat hard levels of intensity during pregnancy has positive benefits that include reduced fat deposition and retention, shorter and less complicated labors, higher energy levels during and after pregnancy, fewer physical complaints, and a quicker postpartum recovery.

·         Continue with what you are used to doing (consult your physician, but unless you have have prior complications you can continue to exercise as before).

·         Talk to your doctor before starting a NEW workout routine

·         Hire a trainer who is Pre and Post-Natal certified.  You want advice from someone who is well qualified.

·         Remember your pelvic floor muscles and exercise them daily.

·         Listen to your body. If it doesn’t feel right, modify or eliminate it.

·         Always stay well hydrated.


·         Start a new Fitness Routine without consulting your physician

·         Participate activities that could result in falls or injury, especially after the first trimester (horseback riding, bicycling, skiing, etc.)

·         Lie on your back for extended periods of time after the first trimester (abdominal exercises are encouraged, but not lying on your back for periods of time). See a personal trainer for recommended exercises.

·         Exercise at maximum intensity. Pregnant women should exercise at a level that feels moderate.


Ball wall squat- Place ball mid to lower back against a sturdy wall, feet shoulder width apart and about a foot out in front of you. Squat just as if sitting into a chair; knees at 90 degrees. Hold a few seconds and return to stading. Repeat 15-20x

Crunches on Ball- Lay on ball with it positioned under your mid to upper back; hips angled down towards floor. Hands gently behind the head crunch, lifting shoulders up and sqeezing abdominals and tilting hips forward. Hold for 2 seconds and release. Repeat 15-20x

Seated Bicep Curl- Sit tall and upright on the ball with feet shoulder width apart. Hold abdominals in tight. Hold 5-8lb weights at your side. Curl to your shoulders and bring back to start. Repeat 15-20x

Seated Overhead Press- Sit tall and upright on the ball, abs in. Hold weights up at 90 shoulder angle and 90 degree elbow. Press weights up and overhead to almost touch them together. Bring back to start. Repeat 15-20x

Hand/Knee Balances- On a carpeted floor or mat position hands under shoulders and knees directly under hips on all fours. Extend right arm and left leg out and hold; finding your balance. Abdominals should be held in. Hold for 5-10 seconds and Repeat on other side. Repeat 5x each side.
Kegals!!- Yes, its true...those muscles are super important. Even if you don't feel the need for them now, wait till after baby! I work out with many women who have NO bladder control! You can control this, just start doing them now! How? Start when you are peeing. Stop your pee mid-stream. Get it? Those are the musccles. Now use that same exercise when you are just sitting at your desk or laying in your bed. A few times a day will be very helpful later on!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

IT WORKS Body Wraps and Supplements

After seeing numerous before and after pictures that really blew me away and a lot of research on the products and ingredients I chose to start a business with IT WORKS! If you have never heard of it before, start asking around or do an internet search. I was very skeptical myself at first. As soon as I hear the word "wrap" I just think water weight! It took some time and research to learn what actually happens during an IT WORKS body wrap and why it is different. In 45 minutes the botonicals in the sticky wrap absorb into your body. Some results will show immediatly, but the ingredients must fully absorb to start detoxing the fat cells and after drinking plenty of water will show results over the next 72 hours! How long does it last? One wrap will last 4-6 weeks, but you may wrap up to several days apart to get quicker resulst for an event or trip. The wraps in conjunction with a healthy diet, the IT WORKS Greens alkalizing drinks, and possibly the defining gel or It's Vital supplements can result in perminant weight loss! Every person I spoke to who tried the wraps said the same thing..."It Works!"
In line of work its amazing how many women I see work their butts off (literally:), but still have unwanted skin, cellulite, or that little pooch they just can't seem to get rid of no matter how much they exercise! They will do just about anything to get rid of those last inches and I think IT WORKS is the answer! I can't wait to get started wrapping! I'm offering introductory wraps for $25 each! If you are interested in a single wrap, or you would like to host a Wrap Party please contact me! Host a party and your wrap is FREE!
You may visit my website by clicking on the IT WORKS link on the right or email me at

Oh, what else is missing in this interesting picture? Personal Training! If you haven't tried tried personal training, its much cheaper than lipo!! Give me a call!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Truth about Artificial Sweeteners!

The reason artificial sweeteners don’t have any calories is because the body doesn’t recognize them as food, and therefore can’t digest them. The issue here is that because they’re not digested, they become lodged in your digestive system and, in some cases, circulate through your body wreaking havoc on what they come in contact with.

Numerous health issues, including headaches, nausea, hearing loss, skin conditions, dizziness, fatigue and chest pains have been associated with the consumption of artificial sweeteners1. Newer studies even indicate that artificial sweeteners can kill the good bacteria in your digestive system, depressing your immune system and making you more susceptible to illness.
Let's take a closer look at the six FDA-approved non-nutritive sugar substitutes.

Acesulfame-Potassium (Acesulfame-K) goes by the brand names Ace-K, Sunett and Sweet One. It is a combination of organic acid and potassium that is often blended with other sugar substitutes.
• 200 times sweeter than sugar
• 0 calories per gram
• Heat stable (can be used in cooking and baking)
• Produces no glycemic response

Aspartame goes by the brand names Equal and NutraSweet. It is composed of two amino acids (proteins), aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Aspartame is one of the most thoroughly tested food additives, according to the FDA. People with the rare heredity disease phenylketonuria (PKU) should not consume aspartame.
• 160-220 times sweeter than sugar
• 4 calories per gram (metabolized as a protein), but because such a small amount is needed to sweeten foods and beverages, the calories provided by aspartame are considered negligable.
• Not heat stable (cannot be used in cooking or baking)
• Produces a limited glycemic response

Neotame is one of the newest artificial sweeteners approved for use in packaged foods and beverages.
• 7,000-13,000 times sweeter than sugar
• 0 calories per gram
• Heat stable (can be used in cooking and baking)
• Produces no glycemic response

Saccharin goes by the brand names Necta Sweet, Sugar Twin and Sweet 'N Low.
• 200-700 times sweeter than sugar
• 0 calories per gram
• Heat stable (can be used in cooking and baking)
• Produces no glycemic response

Stevia (Rebaudioside A) goes by the names PureVia, Sun Crystals and Truvia. It is a steviol glycoside, one component of the stevia plant that provides sweetness. Click here for SparkPeople's in-depth article on stevia.
• 250-300 times sweeter than sugar
• 0 calories and 0 carbohydrates per gram
• Metabolized by the body into steviol, which is not absorbed in the blood and therefore leaves the body unchanged

Sucralose goes by the brand name Splenda.
• 600 times sweeter than sugar
• 0 calories per gram
• Heat stable (can be used in cooking and baking)
• Produces no glycemic response
• ADI: 5mg/kg body weight per day
• Poorly absorbed and excreted unchanged

Bottom line....if you must sweeten, go with raw sugar or pure stevia leaf or drops. Agave nectar and honey are also natural choices to sweeten teas, coffee, oatmeals, etc.
Stay away from any form of artificial sweeteners!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interesting Grilled Summer Recipes

Grilled Corn Salad

2 ears fresh corn, husked
½ cup halved grape tomatoes, preferably organic
1 small ripe but firm avocado, peeled, pitted, and chopped
2 Tbsp finely chopped fresh cilantro
1 green onion, thinly sliced
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
juice from 1 small lime
sea salt & freshly ground black pepper, to taste


Preheat grill to high. Grill corn, turning every 3-4 minutes, until bright yellow with some charred spots on all sides, about 15 minutes total. Set aside to cool.
In a mixing bowl, combine the halved grape tomatoes, chopped avocado, chopped cilantro, and sliced green onion.
In another bowl, whisk together olive oil and lime juice. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Cut the grilled corn kernels off of the cob and add to the tomatoes etc. Toss the vinaigrette with the salad; taste and season again with salt and pepper if needed. Serve at room temperature.

Bell Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber and Grilled Bread Salad

4 (1-ounce) slices day-old country-style bread
4 cups coarsely chopped tomatoes (about 1½ pounds)
1 cup finely chopped red onion
¾ cup chopped yellow bell pepper
¾ cup chopped orange bell pepper
½ cup torn fresh basil leaves
1 English cucumber, peeled and coarsely chopped
¼ cup red wine vinegar
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
¼ teaspoon salt
2 garlic cloves, minced
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil


. Prepare grill to medium-high heat.

2. Place bread slices on grill rack; grill 1 minute on each side or until golden brown with grill marks. Remove from grill; tear bread into 1-inch pieces.

3. Combine tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, basil, and cucumber in a large bowl. Add bread; toss gently.

4. Combine vinegar, black pepper, salt, and garlic in a small bowl, stirring with a whisk. Gradually add oil, stirring constantly with a whisk. Drizzle dressing over salad; toss gently to coat. Cover and chill 20 minutes before serving.

Nutritional Information
Fat:9.7g (sat 1.3g,mono 6.6g,poly 1g)