About Me

I am Joy Holdmeier, owner of Go Fit Mom! I have been in the fitness industry for over 14 years. I knew before even becoming a mother that I loved working with women and mothers. I opened my first StrollerFit Franchise before I even had a baby to push in my stroller! Years later, after having 3 children I understand more than ever why it is so hard for women to stay fit and healthy. We have too much to do and too many others to take care of!
Go Fit Mom started as a blog where I would try to post motivational tips and info for other mothers while I was working as a full time Fitness Director for a state-of-the-art Health Club. It was my way to keep connected with moms and keep them going even if I wasn't working with them personally each day.
A few years later I quit my full-time job to work as a part-time Program Manager for a non-profit organization dedicated to wellness for kids and also as a part-time PE teacher at an elementary school. This not only made me more well rounded, but also helped me come to the realization that mothers really needed my attention. You can't change a child without changing the parents!

I started offering fitness camps through the schools and have enjoyed seeing moms make healthy changes and adopt fitness and wellness into their lives. I also started visiting homes to personal train women. How can you say no to fitness showing up at your doorstep? It takes away all of the excuses!

Since then I back to working full-time. Now at the Missouri Athletic Club as Programs Manager running all Youth Programming, but also Personal Training and teaching Fitness Classes. I also run  two businesses from my home. Joy Holdmeier Photography and a doTERRA Essential Oils business. A busy mom who just can't get enough! I can't give up any of it because I believe in each one and love what I do.

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and am also pre and post-natal certified. Besides teaching and training I also enjoy running, yoga, photography, embroidery and laying in the sun :) I have run three full marathons and a dozen half marathons...one while pregnant with my first! I enjoy training other women to run half marathons. I think it should be on most peoples' bucket list! It's been some time since I've run distances, but I long to get back to it!  It's my time to detox my mind and spend some alone time. Who couldn't use that?

Thank you for visiting my site and please contact
me if you are interested in services or have any questions!
xoxo Joy