Thursday, February 25, 2016

Go Fit Mom Favorite Things!!! #8 Coconut Oil!

Oh Coconut Oil! I could talk about it for days. I've been using coconut oil for about 7 years on a daily basis. I learned about all the uses for it from a holistic health counselor. She taught me about it's stability when cooking and how it's healthy saturated fat actually helps burn fat! She was making her clients take a tablespoon per day of it. That was a crazy thought to me! Eating straight fat like that? I also started lathering it on my pregnant belly and wow, that was amazing. So...I was hooked on it.
Coconut oil typically comes in a jar and is hard in cold temperatures and melts in warm temps. Just scooping it in your hand and rubbing your hands will melt the oil and it's ready to apply. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti viral. It is moisturizing, it smells amazing, it tastes amazing...need I say more?  I buy my coconut oil in a very large container at Costco now and refill my small jars that are in my bathroom and my kitchen! My husband loves that I use the same stuff I put all over my body in his eggs ;)
You can also buy coconut oil at Trader Joe's, Schnucks, Aldi and even Walmart has large selection. You can buy a jar for about $5.99....and trust will be back for more!

What do I use coconut oil for? Just some of my daily uses for it are....
  • moisturizer for my entire body after every shower (no harmful chemicals!)
  • face moisturizer (with a little Frankincense oil)
  • eye makeup remover
  • sautéing veggies or eggs
  • on toast or waffle like butter
  • in my hair for flyaways or before straightening
  • as a carrier oil for applying essential oils to my kids
These are just my EVERYDAY uses! Want more uses? Here are 101 for you!

I can't wait to make sunscreen this summer with coconut oil and essential oils!
Do you know anything about oil pulling?? I couldn't put this in my everyday list because I'm on and off with my routine, but I have a whole book on oil pulling and the benefits of it! I really noticed the whiter teeth within a week of doing it. It's a big commitment though. Here's more on that....

For more on what coconut oil can do for your is another article. As I mentioned on my page before....I'm #3!

Let me know if you have questions and let me know when you fall in love with coconut oil too! ;)


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