Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring...time to Cleanse and Detox!

What does it mean to Detox???? Thats the question I get all the time.  "Oh, no way can I not eat for 3 days!" "Why are you doing that, you don't have to lose weight?"....are common responses.

Cleansing and Detoxing does not mean that you have to starve yourself for 3 days. And, cleansing should not only be used to lose weight.  I am reading the book "The New Detox Diet." I don't love the title because I hate diet books, but its very interesting. Our bodies carry many toxins and waste that we cannot always eliminate, expecially if we just keep eating the same things! Our kidneys, liver, gallblader, and intestines are many times overworked.  Cleansing can give them a much needed break.  Here are some reasons for cleansing...prevent disease, rest organs, purify, rejuvinate, weight loss, clear skin, slow aging, improve fertility, be more productive, relaxed, consious, focused etc. The reasons go on and on. 

Spring and Autumn are the best times to detox.  It makes alot of sense actually! Your body naturally starts detoxing in the Spring anyway after eating all the heavy, hearty foods through the winter and holidays.  Our bodies tend to hybernate and naturally store more fat in the winter, and we have less energy and shorter days. So, when the longer days arrive in Spring and fruits and vegetable start to become available our bodies begin eliminating all the junk from the winter. 

Cleanses can be very simple and easy. It does not have to be as extreme as only drinking juice or water for a week!  You can start by just eating fruits and vegetables for a few days, or if you like your grains, maybe just brown rice for a couple days.  The fiber of the fruits and grains will clear your intestinal track and get rid of any build up.  I am on day two of a cleanse that I customized to fit my needs!  I ate only fruits and veggies yesterday and today with only water or herbal tea to drink.  Tomorrow I am switching to grains...which I am craving!  I'm going to do all brown rice and quinoa for two days and then combine the two for a final day.  I love veggies and I love grains so this was the perfect cleanse for me! It is pretty easy, besides my coffee addiction!!!!  My slogan these days is "No Coffee, No Workee!" lol! I just loved that when I saw it on a bumper sticker in the Starbucks drive through. Anyway, I am managing the no coffee thing pretty well with having detox tea instead. I can't say I'm not looking forward to having a cup when this is over, but I know I will feel tons better! 

My diet so far these two days:
Day 1-
Breakfast- organic fruit salad (I made enough for the week), detox tea
Lunch- big spinach salad with balsamic vinigarette, apple, mandarin oranges
Snack- green smoothie (banana, blueberry, strawberry, spinach)
Dinner- sauteed kale (in coconut oil), organic sweet potato
Snack- orange

Day 2-
Breakfast- fruit salad, detox tea, odwalla juice (bluberry mix)
Lunch- spinach salad with balsamic, avacado
Snack- green smoothie (banana, blueberry, strawberry, pear, apple, spinach), detox tea
Dinner- sauteed frozen veggie mix (asparagus, yellow squash, green beans, carrots)

Does it sound yummy??  Not too bad for only a couple days huh? You can handle it?
If you want more info on the detox diet book visit this website. http://www.elsonhaas.com/books.html
I'm almost there and feelin good!!