Thursday, August 8, 2013

Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas!

God love pinterest, but when it comes to school lunches I thought, "are you serious? Who has time for all that? No mother I know!!" All the cutesy cut sandwiches and faces made with fruit, the egg salad and tofu...things your kids would never eat! I tried to gather 10 school lunches that I thought were reasonable and that my children might actually eat! No offense if you are that super creative and fun mom, but this mom "ain't got time for that!!":)

1.       Turkey, cheese and hummus pinwheels

-          Spead hummus on tortilla, lay out turkey and cheese and roll. Cut into 1 inch pieces

-          What to put with it: apples  and popcorn

2.       Mini Bagel Pizzas (homemade)

-          Either give the child the ingredients in their lunch to make on their own, or assemble at home.

-          What to put with it: Strawberries and yogurt

3.       Homemade Lunchables

-          Cut up ham or turkey, cheese and add triscuits.

-          What to put with it: carrots and dip, granola bar

4.       Pasta Salad

-          Make a veggie and bowtie pasta at the beginning of the week with whatever ingredients your child likes…broccoli, black olives, tomatoes, etc.

-          What to put with it: apples and peanut butter

5.       Hard boiled eggs

-          Boil a dozen hard boiled eggs on Sunday. My kids happen to love them and they are good for snacks for mom too!!

-          What to put with it: grapes, wheat thins, yogurt

6.       Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese

-          Use mini bagels and use different flavors of cream cheese. My kids love pumpkin in the fall!

-          What to put with it: banana, chips or crackers

7.       Cereal

-          Yes, cereal is a good option, especially if your child gets milk at lunch! What could be easier?

-          What to put with it: strawberries and go-gurt

8.       Cheese Quesadilla

-          Choose spinach, tomato, or flour tortilla and melt cheese and cut into triangles

-          What to put with it: applesauce and chex mix

9.       Ravioli or Tortellini

-          Make ahead, add white or red sauce.

-          What to put with it: cherry tomatoes with ranch and toast (as garlic bread)

10.   Lunch Kabobs

-          Use a skewer (cut in half) or toothpicks to make mini kabobs using whatever your child likes…salami, grape tomatoes, cheese (or cut string cheese), turkey, cucumber, even grapes or other fruits.

-          What to put with it: Trail mix and clemintines