Sunday, March 17, 2013

New 60-Day Wellness Bootcamp Starts April 1!

We are only in the 3rd week of our first ever 60-Day Wellness Bootcamp, but it is going so well that I have decided to offer another one starting April 1! I don't want to wait any longer. If you are trying to lose weight and get in shape what better time than Spring? You will be done at the end of May and ready to take on the summer with your NEW self!

Who is this Wellness Bootcamp for? Women who....

· Want to get control of their eating habits

· Want to lose weight the right way and keep it off

· Don’t want to go on a fad diet

· Want to eat REAL food and not starve

· Fall off track with every diet they’ve tried

· Want more energy

· Need accountability and support to lose weight

· Want to learn how about proper nutrition and fitness

· Don’t want to spend a lot of money on getting in shape

· Want to look and feel sexy this spring and summer!
What will you get with the 60-Day Bootcamp?
· Daily Nutrition Logs

· Weekly Meal Planners
· 3-5 day Detox Plan
· Plenty of Fast, Easy, and Healthy recipes
· Sample Meal Plans
· Personalized Fitness Plan and Sample Workouts
· Your own Personal Fitness and Nutrition Coach
· Weekly E-mail tracking and reviews
· Bi-Weekly phone sessions
· Initial Phone Consultation and Goal Setting Session
· Recommended Grocery List
· Fitness and Nutrition Educational Materials
· Accountability to keep you on track!
With this program you are NOT following a DIET. You are finding what works for you and eating right for your body and your needs. You will lose weight the right way and keep it off. You will learn to hold yourself accountable and learn what works for you and your family!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Cleansing!

The first challenge for my 60-Day Bootcampers was to start off with a 3-5 day cleanse! Most of them accepted the challenge with enthusiasm! A cleanse or detox doesn't mean you can't eat for days, it can simply mean that you eliminate things from your diet. Eliminating caffeine, sugar, carbs and alcohol is a really good start. Most of us chose to do a fruit and veggie cleanse meaning we just ate all fruits and vegetables for a few days. I love this one because there is enough variety and I can still eat until I'm full. The hard part for me is always the coffee! I had a very bad headache the first day and hit a wall in the afternoon. Cleansing gives your digestive system a break, but also helps your body really break those cravings...hence the word DETOX!
After 4 days I feel really good and I am slowly adding back protein and a few other things to my diet. Here is what a typical day looked like on my fruit and veggie cleanse.

Master Cleanse drink (32 oz water, juice of 1 lemon, 2 tbsp grade b maple syrup, dash of cayenne pepper)
Green Smoothie (banana, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, orange juice)

Spinach Salad with mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, avocado, olive oil, red wine vinigar

Snack: apple and cutie

Sauteed yellow, orange, and red peppers and kale

I all of these foods so that was easy! What isn't so easy is not popping stuff into your mouth that you don't even realize you normally do! If you are a mom, you probably snack while you make lunches or dinner. I had to feed my family what they like, but not eat it. And coffee....oh I love my morning coffee. I drank Yogi Detox Tea instead, which is pretty good and soothes my desire for something hot in my mug in the morning, but I can't wait to have a cup of black coffee...and I WILL tomorrow. A little caffeine isn't bad, but it's good to break that addiction now and then!

If you'd like more info on cleansing email me at!