Welcome to Go Fit Mom! Our mission is to inspire and motivate women and mothers to make their health and wellness a priority. Our motto is "If you love your children, take care of their MOTHER!" It couldn't be more true. Most likely you are the number one person in your child or childrens' life and it's also likely that you get the least amount of attention when it comes to health and wellness. If we won't be there for our children, who will? No one else is a better role model for your children then YOU! If you exercise and eat well your children will do the same. Childhood obesity is at an all time high in this country and it's NOT the child's fault. Many parents are simply unaware of what they are feeding their children and many just won't take the time to get themselves healthy.

Go Fit Mom offers personal training, fitness camps, and nutritional guidance to women and mothers (and some dads), as well as motivation and education through the Go Fit Mom blog. We understand that setting aside time for yourself is not always easy. We hope to provide you with interesting articles pertaining to your family, workouts to help you stay fit, and support along your journey as a Fit MOM!