Monday, February 29, 2016

Go Fit Mom Favorite Things!!! #7 DoTERRA FAMILY PHYSICIAN KIT

You knew it was coming! Essential Oils. I'm always looking to take the natural path whether it's a cold, aches and pains, lotions, supplements, kids boo boos, you name it....I have found the complete answer....doTERRA essential oils! My little Family Physician Kit of 10 common oils have done so much for us. I can use this one little box of oils for headaches, stomach aches, scrapes, funguses, relaxation, flavor, detox, cleaning, prevention, etc. etc. etc. One oil might have 50 uses!

Essential oils have been used for centuries in many cultures for their therapeutic qualities and have profound health benefits in the hands of experienced users. Single oils and even complex blends are effectively used in the following three ways:

1. Aromatic: The volatile nature of essential oils allows them to be easily evaporated and diffused throughout a larger space. Using this application method helps create an atmosphere where several individuals can enjoy the calming, stimulating, and soothing benefits of essential oils.

2. Topical: Essential oils are safely and easily absorbed by the skin allowing you to use a variety of topical application techniques to different parts of your body.

3. Internal: Whether you are taking capsules or the oil itself, essential oils can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions
Why doTERRA??
dōTERRA has set the bar for essential oil purity and potency through rigorous scientific research and advanced testing of each oil that is put into production. As you implement dōTERRA essential oils into your life, you will be able to see firsthand the CPTG difference.
There are two major factors that play a role in the effectiveness and quality of essential oils:

1. Plant Potency:

When selecting which plants are to be used for essential oil production, it is important that the plant is grown in the correct soil, temperature, and climate. When these factors are optimal, the plant will be able to reach its highest potency.

2. Oil Purity:

When oils contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter their purity, their ability to function at their highest capacity is compromised. In order to enjoy all the benefits of essential oils, they must be used in their purest form.
Some of my kit lasted me over a year! Some even longer, some only a couple months depending on how much I use them. I fly through on guard and lemon!
I stared using over 2 years ago and once I started I couldn't stop. It's a good addiction ;) I love that my kids ask for them and I always have a natural solution to anything we come across. I AM in control! Don't think I'm anti-doctors. We go when we have to. I just try everything I can before it gets to that point.
So what do I use daily?
  • Lemon in my water
  • calming blend on my wrists and neck
  • diffuse on-guard and lemon or lime daily for prevention (anti bacterial, anti viral, cleansing)
  • on-guard and lemon in morning and at night on bottoms of kids feet (where our body absorbs most rapidly).
  • diffuse lavender and sometimes blends of others for restful nights sleep
  • As other things come up in our day I reach for my oils!

If you are into natural health, prevention, eating clean, and keeping your family chemical free, doTERRA is for you!!

How do you get your own kit??
We always have amazing promotions, so ask me if you are interested! doTERRA works a little like Costco. We have a membership of $35 per year that gives you 25% off your oils all the time. You are also welcome to buy at retail. If you want to look around at my site it is

If you purchase a Family Physician Kit you are automatically enrolled as a Wellness Advocate which means you have the membership free and your oils 25% off all year. No minimum purchases, no commitments, no selling required! Now....if you are interested in making extra $ with doTERRA or you would like to know how to get your oils paid for, contact me!! I would love to have you on my team! Once I started using, it was just natural....I started telling my friends and sharing was easy!

You will never regret getting your own Family Physician Kit. I can promise you that!

Questions? Email me at or message me on FB!


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