Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why I love and share essential oils...

I'm sure many of you are skeptical of essential oils. After all they are trending right now, so people assume they are just a fad or a sales scheme for a product that doesn't really work. Yes, I have been involved with some of these things before where I really want them to work (especially diets, wraps, anti-aging products), but the reality was....they just didn't work for me and I couldn't promote a product that didn't give me results!

I was never skeptical of essential oils, however, because I've been on this health journey a very long time and fortunately for me my journey took a turn when I started working with a holistic health counselor at a premier club I was working at where our approach to health and fitness was "whole life". I started learning about healthy eating instead of the latest diets and I learned so much about alternative treatments for health, illness and ailments. Essential oils have been around for thousand of years! They aren't something new and they are just for hippies :)- If you know me, you already know about my obsession with coconut oil, so you will sort of understand my recent obsession with the essential oils!

I am not an "organic" mom by any means. I love the idea of it, but lets face it, it's hard and expensive! My kids do eat junk...a lot more of it than I like to admit and I'm lucky if I get them to eat a few veggies and fruits a day. It's not easy. But....we do take vitamins, we try not to take medicine, I keep them very active and limit screen time and we use essentials oils on a DAILY basis.

I use and share doTERRA essential oils because they are therapeutic grade! That means they are 100% pure and can be used internally, aromatically, and topically. Not all essential oils are created equal and if you buy oils from a health food store (yes, we like to think a health food store is quality) majority of them cannot be ingested because they are made from synthetic materials or have only a small % of the actual oil in it and the rest is carrier oil. If you are going to use essential oils, only go therapeutic grade!

On a daily basis we use a preventive blend on our feet and in our diffuser to kill virus and bacteria, we use them in our water to flavor and detox, we use them on bumps, bruises, headaches, burns, sore muscles, and we use them to sleep at night. Really anything that comes up, my answer is, "I have an oil for that!" It is really nice to know that I have these little drops of goodness to reach for instead of meds and harmful chemicals.

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